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The correctors have a lifetime of one week following the adaptation period: ONCE YOU HAVE ADAPTED TO APPLYING THE PRODUCT, IT IS VERY EASY TO USE.

For continuous use of Otostick®, you will find that various changes occur with your ears, what we refer to as PHASES.

PHASE 1: the ear will be resistant to the new – aesthetically correct – position. The initial adaptation to the use of a new device tends to take about 2 to 6 weeks.

PHASE 2: ear adaptation and steady increase in time using the corrector. Following the resistance period of the initial phase, the ear will have softer, more malleable cartilage. In most cases, the product will now be usable for much longer.

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What to remember when using Otostick®:

  1. Someone else has to put the product into position.
  2. Clean your skin carefully before each use; an astringent product may be required to remove any traces of body fat.
  3. The two adhesive parts of the corrector (one to go on the ear and the other on the head) must be in parallel with each other, without any overlapping.
  4. As with any other ‘corrector-type’ product, an adaptation period may be necessary.
  5. Use continuously and correctly to ensure product effectiveness.
  6. In some cases, the area may need to be shaved to achieve a better result.
  7. If used on damp skin, the adhesive may not work as effectively.
  8. Remove the correctors once a week to clean and properly hydrate the exposed skin.
  9. Remove the corrector using a cotton bud impregnated with body oil or skin moisturiser; raise the edge of the corrector and slowly push the bud between the skin and the corrector (under the corrector) until it is fully removed. Repeat the process for both sides of the corrector.
  10. The product should be attached at a temperature of about 25ºC or the adhesive may not work properly and limit the length it can be used.
  11. Maintain the temperature around 25ºC for several hours; then, the product will be able to resist temperature increases and contact with water.


  1. Do not use on wounds, sunburn or irritated skin.
  2. Use each corrector once only. If the skins becomes irritated or a rash appears, stop using the corrector and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  3. Do not use Otostick® with the under-threes: there are small parts which could be ingested and cause asphyxia.

Use Otostick® Baby from 3 months of age – with adult supervision. Use Otostick® Cap to prevent the baby from touching the corrector, which is a small part which may cause asphyxia if swallowed.

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